Alan Houghton

Qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1973. Career have been exclusively dealing with clients running owner/managed businesses. Alan had 40 years experience as a Sole Practitioner, later joined by Sue and has dealt with just about every business there is, especially the building trade. Alan has extensive and successful experience in handling enquiries on Income Tax, PAYE and VAT.

Sue Houghton

Qualified as Accounting Technician in 2001. Training and subsequent career have been working with Alan, building up the same experience.

Both have extensive experience in Sage, Quickbooks and personalised bookkeeping systems using Excel. Sue has additional experience in computerised payroll, using Iris and Sage. Both believe in straight talk, and whilst the tasks involved must be taken very seriously there is always time for a smile.

Both have only dealt with small businesses and as small business owners themselves (40 years) there is a unique ability to act for you. Whatever hits you has also affected us. So we really understand.

Our mission statement includes the following:

As former practitioners we know where the accountants costs build up, and we are able to help the client either reduce costs or get better advice with no expected additional fees.

As people are our clients, then we deal with people. No jargon and straight talk in language you will understand.

We know that too many firms of accountants now prefer bigger clients, and as a result the smaller businesses are not given enough support. We are the opposite.

Our typical client is a sole trader/partnership or a small Limited Company.

As the business is a reflection of the people running it, each case is dealt with individually. No two cases can ever be the same.

The definition of ďproblemĒ is a solution waiting to happen. Your problem triggers our solution.

Our extensive knowledge base is always available to you. And we know more than you may expect from other accountants.

We donít work 9:00 to 5:00 and expect to get the job done. Extra hours will be necessary at times. We can be contacted up to 7:00 most evenings.

We donít make promises we cannot keep.

We donít meet you once to impress you and then pass you to a junior clerk. You deal with us.

We donít expect you to pay for expensive glossy premises and then travel miles in your time to see us. In fact, we prefer to visit you at your place.

We are not VAT-registered and we aim to stay that way. You wonít pay tax on our fees.